Surfing on the live stream in the sea of videos


And mesmerized by the view of chosen video lists.

List of channels with global streaming videos

Do you like to watch what people on the other side of the world are doing? Various streaming videos around the world are in HD Video Browser.

Sensible pick of popular channels by category

Books often have Editor’s pick. Why not videos? There are tons of streaming videos around the world. Someone has to pick good videos to watch.

Precise video search feature

If you are looking for a particular video to watch, the search feature is there for you.

Efficient video runtime timer

Don’t watch a video before you go to sleep without runtime timer! HD Video Browser’s video runtime timer will save you from <I accidentally fell asleep while watching the video and drained all battery and cellular data> moment.

Short-cut to the top video streaming sites

Top video streaming sites are listed so you can immediately access those sites whenever you want.

It’s own sleek browser

After all, it’s a browser. Numerous features of a browser are easy to use with intuitive design.

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